A note about January 4

I made it to the studio early, so that I could pick out a good list of world music to play while sitting in on Yalcin’s Dromedary Express show.  [It seems as though the Dromedary Express refers to a train that must have run (in the good old days) from Europe to Asia; thus, Yalcin plays music that spans from Europe to Asia.]  So after a few hours of listening to music and separating wheat from chaff, I sat with stacks of CDs around me and headphones on my head.  Yalcin walked in and told me the big news:  instead of world music today, he said, I’ve decided to do a special show.  In honor of New Year’s, he continued, I’m going to play drunken sad songs.  His idea manifested itself on my face, as my smile drooped to a grimace while I began to think of all the spectacular, upbeat tracks I’d have to discard…luckily, though, I just happened to have chosen a couple songs that could pass for drunken and/or depressing.  Listen to the entire hour-long show of Dromedary Express and be overjoyed with the sadness.

Right-click or Command+click to download


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