January 9. biscuits.

Workin my way toward a three-hour show…I sat in on Sean Westergaard’s freeform show today, and played music for about an hour.  His weekly show happens on Fridays from 6-9 AM.  6:00 felt very early to me.  My show will likely be 3-6 AM each week.  I wonder if that’ll feel early or late.  In any case, I had a blast this morning, despite an emergency snow warning interrupting my set.  This podcast features biscuits (“no wonder he got four chins!”) and my segment of Sean’s 3-hour show.

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One response to “January 9. biscuits.

  1. For me, doing the 3-6 felt Late until about 5, and then Early from then on

    I always found myself trying to figure out a good time to sleep on show days

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