A note about January 21

I had a blast on the radio today. I’m pretty big on plans and having control over things in general; thus, I was a bit nervous for today’s show, since I went in with essentially no plan. Instead, I got to the station a bit early and yanked a massive amount of CDs and vinyl from the shelves, so that I’d have options and wouldn’t have to race around like a maniac during the show.

…This meant that afterward, I spent about 40 minutes putting it all back. But it was worth it! I found new music that I love, and was able to relax and enjoy myself. I got a couple calls and a request. Yes! Calls are good.

This is a rare three-hour show, as I was sitting in for the DJs who normally fill that time slot. Listen closely for the tagalog lyrics sung by a Filipina vocalist. Oh yes, and I wasn’t able to back announce at the end of the show, so at the very end, that one fabulous song that you love? That’s Lali Puna.

Right-click or Command+click to download

As an aside: I’ve recently gotten the urge to change the name from “Break Your Radio” to “One Hand Clapping”. But I think I’ll wait on that until a later date and a different show.


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