Local Music Show

I got a chance to help engineer a show today! This means that I set up mike stands, plugged the mikes in, helped control the soundboard in the production studio, and had a front-row seat for the local band Light in August.

I’m just starting to get into this engineering thing; Alex has been teaching me a ton about working the boards and making things sound A-OK. I’m most excited about the Local Music Show, during which local bands come in and play live. The show’s on Wednesday nights, though, which means that I may end up staying awake for quite some time on Wednesdays, given that Break Your Radio is on Wednesday mornings. I’m going to see about engineering for talk shows and such: I may end up being a regular for a show called Living Writers…which is also on Wednesdays. Wednesday is radio day.

Well anyway, I had a fantastic time tonight. today.


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