A note about February 16

Another wild night at the radio station. For some reason, I found myself flying by the seat of my pants during this show–which might be why it sounds frenetic and dance-y. Lots of Latin and African influence. Also a dedication to Jazzman, who suffers from the Jimmy curse.

I’ll be doing another show on Wednesday, 9-11am eastern time. I switched time slots with someone at the station, since I’ll be gone for Spring Break next Sunday.

Sit tight through the musical experience (sometimes called a song) that has lyrics in German and English. The track comes from an album called “Don’t Abandon Your Baby” by Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble. The album is meant to tell the story of a woman who is considering having an abortion:

“Alone and oppressed by poverty, she did not listen when others told her, ‘Don’t Abandon Your Baby’. Now she is having ‘Second Thoughts’. The guilt and anguish are so great that she feels there is ‘No Way Out’. Finally, in desperation, she turns to God. Does He not ‘Free Us From All Anxiety’? Or can some sins never be forgiven?

“Welcome to the world of German Expressionism. A world which is dark, subjective, and highly emotional. A world where you will pay for your sins. German Expressionism was a movement in the arts from the first half of the twentieth century which, in music, reached its zenith in the operas of Alban Berg. Operas which explored the dark, subjective side of our existence.

“Who better to bring this to us than Musikmacher Productions, the company that not only allows but encourages Professor Musikmacher to give ‘instructive lectures’ on various social issues? Issues which are often filled with angst. Here the Professor is joined by the Music Now Ensemble in a program which revives German Expressionism and makes it relevant to today’s world. This is both easy and difficult. Easy because our world is filled with an abundance of moral degradation and angst and yet difficult because of our self-absorption and propensity for moral ambiguity.” (from http://cdbaby.com/cd/ssatmne3)

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One response to “A note about February 16

  1. 9-11… sweet. now i don’t have to teetering on the edge of unconsciousness to hear you!

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