March 9: Annual fundraiser!

It’s fundraising time! You will hear frequent pleas for monetary donations throughout the show. And a big thank you to a certain Corazon Loteyro for a generous donation.

The station is full of carpeting and dust, so I often shock myself to oblivion due to static electricity. Tonight, as is wont to happen, one of the turntables shocked me when I touched it–the crazy thing was that the shock was enough to somehow turn off the adjacent turntable! That explains the pause you hear in the middle of one of the songs.

The set begins with old-school rap…which naturally leads, an hour or so later, to traditional Yiddish music.

Right-click or Command+click to download


2 responses to “March 9: Annual fundraiser!

  1. I’m truly fascinated by all of your entries here. You’re really putting a great deal of creativity into this radio gig. And I find it intriguing that we’re both doing it. Do you ever listen to MY show?

  2. Radio is putting creativity into me! No, I haven’t listened to a show of yours that hasn’t involved me. Last I remember, you didn’t tell me anything informative regarding posted or streaming shows…

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