Notes about March 23

Imagine what it sounds like to have 5-10 tabla players drumming simultaneously, along with some African drums and other instruments…

Now hear what it actually sounds like:

Right-click or Command+click to download

An amalgamation of a multitude of drums–a simultaneous medley of hands hitting the skin of animals. I played 3 CD players and 2 turntables all at once to produce the pittering and pattering sounds of drums you hear at the beginning of the show.

How funky is a mosquito’s tweeter? Nina Simone can tell you. What, then, do Nina Simone and Jonathan Richman have in common? What might a cassette recording of Cambodian pop music sound like? Listen and find out!

Happy Birthday Sarah and Robert!


One response to “Notes about March 23

  1. why thank you!

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