Here’s the dilly yo for March 30

We begin with Mos Def’s first single. This is a song played in the show before mine, but it fits so well (with the alphabet at the beginning) that I include it for the flow. Then we have three renditions of the alphabet, by a Hong Kong man in the 1910s, Kimya Dawson, and Big Bird, respectively.

The “theme” of this show was inspired by a compilation called “Sprigs of Time: 78s From The EMI Archive”, and I describe what exactly the album is at the beginning of the show. Everything springs from everything else, in something like word associations, except they’re music associations.

Some more of what one might call highlights: Learn what a brim bram is! Dick Van Dyke makes an appearance, as does some good calypso. Wait til the penultimate song of my set–it’s one of my favorites by Joni Mitchell.

Right-click or Command+click to download

What the hell, I left in Eleanor’s first song of her set. Radio W-E-E-D. It fooled me.

Also, stay tuned for next week–It’s gonna be all cappella…


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