April 16: Experimental radio!

Oh man, I really wasn’t intending to play more music on more radio this week, but the host of the show that I engineer–Renegade Solutions, a weekly show dedicated to political rantings and diatribes, as well as “renegade solutions” to pressing issues such as the drug war and environmental pollution–did not come in today.

Thus, I played around in the studio. mwahahaha, experimental radio!

It is appropriate that there is the continuous undertone of a woman reading recipes over found sounds, since this 30-minute show essentially consisted of me combining musical components to cook up a delicious meal of musical noise. Enjoy if you dare!

I’ve also included snippets of Arwulf Arwulf, a fantastic DJ, cultural activist, and mentor who does a show called Face the Music, featuring “alternative national anthems”. But in the clips included here, he is subbing for a show called Pandora’s Lunchbox, which you can get a “taste” of by listening…

Right-click or Command+click to download


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