March 17: Fundraiser!

Wednesday marked the sixth day of our nine-day fundraiser. It’s an exciting time for us at the station; there are always people milling about, eating the free food donated by local eateries, answering telephones, making promotional carts…One DJ made $1,300 during his hour-long show. I made $715, which was more than fantastic, by my standards. I’m grateful to everyone who donated during my show, as well as those who donated to the station. During the nine days, we came short of our $30,000 goal by just $500. That’s about $10k more than we pulled in last year. I find that to be spectacular. We’re on our way to fame, fortune, higher wattage, bigger range for the soundwaves. Plus, we’ve still got a post-fundraiser party, which might bring in some money. ‘Twas a good year.

I aimed for this show to be straight-up fun. Does it make you want to pledge your paycheck?

Oh, and some guy named St. Patrick was having a day or something.

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