March 24: Movies

In honor of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, which for reals began today, I played a bit over an hour’s worth of soundtracks (Saramin, host of the subsequent show, is gone and her sub, KMFR, came a bit late).

I played all vinyl, except for the scary movie tracks (Alfred Hitchcock and the trailer).

Tons. of. fun. We’ve got a dismally small soundtracks section, but I found some true gems. I also recently bought several more soundtracks to add to our collection; it’s my pet project at the station right now. Amazingly, Tossed Salad (Mick & Vick’s show, 6-9 on Wednesday mornings) had the same idea, and played a full three hours of soundtracks earlier today.

Listen for: Koyaanisqatsi, Atomic Cafe, Bagdad Cafe, The King And I, Space Rangers…


shhh: Listen to the show.

Right-click or Command+click to download


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