November 24: Happy Thanksgiving, cheerful or grumpy!

Around the time that Old Skull and Human Skab were playing, in a moody voice: “You know, girrrl, you need to realize that it’s the holiday.” “Excuse me?” “It’s a holiday, girl. No one wants to hear this stuff about killing people and sadness. It’s Thanksgiving. I’m about to turn off my radio!”

About 45 minutes previous to that conversation, all smiles: “Girl, I am LOVING your playlist. I cannot wait to hear what you play next. Love you!”

Back to Old Skull and Human Skab: “I hear what you’re saying, but I’m sorry. Thanksgiving was not always fun and games, nor peaceful. Remember when a country full of Native Americans died? The music that’s playing shows a consciousness of social issues happening right now(ish). While we can be thankful now, Human Skab and Old Skull remind us that some things need to change.” “All right, girrrl. Love you!”

I enjoyed talking with that guy, and I hope he has a happy Thanksgiving.
Plus, we compromised. The music merged into some uncontroversial Kermit Ruffins, but Kermit had to share the stage with Human Skab, who continued to scream about destroying the Soviet Union.

So enjoy some old-school rocks n rolls for appetizers.
Have some cuteypie jazz to drink,
and fill up on the meat of precocious children.
Dessert? mmm. Breathe Owl Breathe.

(1.5 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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