February 15: Living Writers

I was thrilled to engineer the pre-recorded interview for an episode of Living Writers today. Living Writers is an enthralling and edifying show that features interviews with writers like Richard Price, Louis Sachar, Lorrie Moore, nobel-winning poets, non-fiction writers, screen writers, and more. The show’s host, T. Hetzel, teaches English courses at the University of Michigan; her ability to draw interesting conversation from her guests amazes me.

So. Today, Sara Marcus came to the studio to talk about her recently published book, Girls to the Front: The True Story of the RIOT GRRRL Revolution. mmm. Feminism and girls who rock. You can listen to the Living Writers episode here.

(55 minutes)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Be sure to stay tuned–I engineered another interview with poet Carl Phillips, in which I had to bleep out a cuss word with the laughter of children. I think each recorded interview will come out a little more smoothly…

Find more Living Writers at the posted archives here. You can also find the podcast on iTunes.

Read more about Girls to the Front at girlstothefront.com.

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