March 16: WCBN Fundraiser 2011


Contained herein is puh-lenty of music related to lil chillums. I figured that any human being can’t help but donate when children are involved. It worked a little bit. Thank you–YOU–for your donation. Without you, our humble radio station might not have a leg to stand on.

Animals. They also make appearances, of course.

And helium balloons SUCKED. I mean, we SUCKED em! We sucked em dry. I now believe that all radio DJs must have helium on hand when they approach the microphone.

Oh, and phone conversations on the air must reappear. I’m thinking a karaoke show may be in order. Ideas: they drown us, unless we learn to swim in them!

(2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Yep, that’s Jen “Gina Gettums” Johnson, host of It’s Hot In Here, cooing to your child during the show.


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