April 13

Hello from the Future.

I would like to tell you the truth: that there’s a backlog of show posts because a hive of government-trained bees flew away with my volition for specialized and highly secret testing. The bees only just returned this afternoon, and I again have control of my own actions.

I cannot tell you such things because the information is confidential and I fear further interference from the government. Thus, I introduce this belated post with the excuse that “I haven’t had time until now.”

Back to business. In this show, look forward to a whole lotta Kodo drumming, much of it simultaneous. There are some seriously jumpy transitions during the show; you will be kept delightfully on your ear-toes. It’s tough to call this one anything but eclectic.

Can we talk about serendipity for a moment? If I were forced (by government-trained bees, for example) to describe WCBN in one word, said word would be serendipity. Two examples are evident in this show. One. I found a record containing readings of short stories by Colette without accompaniment. I took it upon myself to accompany the reading with violin + accordion music. It turns out that the story involves a girl who learns to play the violin. Two. A listener called in to request a particular song about shoes performed by a particular artist. While looking for it, I stumbled across an album by an entirely different musician–on it was a song about shoes.

Get your serendipity on and listen in.

(2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Note to self: Honky-tonk piano doesn’t really work with a cappella R&B…at least not this time around.


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