May 4

A highlight of this show is a sermon delivered by the Reverend Jasper Williams. It’s called “I Fell In Love With A Prostitute”. I tried spinning the record backward to see whether there were hidden messages from Satan (or, for that matter, God or Jesus or someone of such stature), but there weren’t. Not in the section of the record that I explored, anyway.

Do you know someone named Thelonious? I can’t imagine that anyone would use the full name “Thelonious” to address their friend. How would you shorten “Thelonious” to lighten the load on your tongue? One phoned-in suggestion for Thelonious Monk’s nickname was Tho-Mo, which pleased me greatly.

This show concludes with a scaaaaary stooooory.

(2 hours, 45 minutes)
Right-click or Command+click to download


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