July 6

The first hour is packed to overflowing with R&B and soul–Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, The Temptations, Johnny Otis, Little Willie John, and more–though the show starts off with a surprisingly cheeseball tune sung by Sam Cooke. What got into him?

The second hour of the show keeps things swinging.

Yma Sumac is someone you need to know. Did she swallow a trumpet? And is she an Incan princess or a Jewish housewife from Brooklyn?

(2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Also, in case you’re interested, contained herein is an excerpt of dialogue from a Russ Meyer flick. Now, I don’t know anything about Russ Meyer movies except for what I saw in the liner notes to the album I found, which features audio clips from several of his films…but from this vantage point, it seems that a key feature belying the genius of Russ Meyer is lots of topless ladies.

Actually, there’s more than your average share of pinup girls in this show. Unfortunately, perhaps, the medium of radio forces you to use your imagination rather than your eyeballs.


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