June 22

I spent last Wednesday morning counting bugs in the tip of the mitt, and I return with fantastic musics to share.

This installment of Break Your Radio begins with a full hour of selections from a section of WCBN’s music library known as “odd country compilations”.

Later, Pete Seeger interrupts with a tune sung in Frenglish (read: French + English), which sets us off on a Francophile set that includes Jonathan Richman, Serge Gainsbourg, and Gianmaria Testa. This trajectory prompted a listener to call in with a request for more French music, after he blamed me for hitting him in the eyeball with a ping-pong ball.

How is it possible for me to hit a listener in the face with a ping-pong ball, you may ask? Listen to the show, and watch your head.

Bill Cosby sings?? Bill Cosby sings!!
“I want to hold your hand, rub your foot, kiss your lip, and BITE YOUR EYYYEEEE!”

And enjoy today’s special guest–former weather girl at WCBN (seriously), Gilda Radner as Roseanne Roseannadanna.

(2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download


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