August 3: jazz.

freeform? idunno. just a wholllllotta jazz. maybe you can catch some nuanced freeform within the jazz vein, if you look for it. but who’s looking?

One thing that’s incredible about being at CBN is the deep well of resources we have in our music library and in the community of people who love music. Through our email list, Saturday morning DJ Dave M. sent around a little something about Eric Dolphy. To my shame, I wondered, “Who’s Eric Dolphy?” Perhaps to my credit, I explored the music library and pulled out several of his albums, sharing a couple cuts with the intent to Break Your Radio.

A thing about this music library we’ve got is that it overwhelms the senses—it’s visibly huge, the shelves droop with variegated and flaking album spines, it’s tactile, it even smells like…well, let’s just say that there’s more than enough to distract someone like me who’s angling for show material. I ended up pulling out jazz albums willy-nilly because, for this or that reason, it’s a rare day on which I have the stamina to tackle the wide and deep and intimidating and indefinable jungle that some label as jazz.

What happened? I played multiple lengthy tracks and still didn’t have time to read any liner notes until after the show. You want to know something I learned? That there are people in the world who transcribe jazz solos for study. That, my friend, is a method of quantification in the jazz jungle.

Heavens to betsy, there’s so much to hear and to learn.

(2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Do you have another two hours? Check out this episode for more thoughts about jazz.


2 responses to “August 3: jazz.

  1. Was the jazz transcription thing a shout-out to Matt Endahl?

  2. I wasn’t thinking of him at the time, but I’ll have to talk to him about that.

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