August 24: Ladies!

Another show that’s chock-full of ladies only! These ladies are sweet, creepy, kitschy, silly, hilarious, operatic, earnest, and they rock.

The opening act, My Brightest Diamond, happens to be from nearby Ypsilanti and presses her albums with Asthmatic Kitty Records. She’s an inspiration to us all.

May I be so forward as to state the facts here? Inara George has the best voice in the world. Her many projects speak to that fact: Lode (brilliance from the early ’90s), the bird and the bee, The Living Sisters, her collaboration with Van Dyke Parks…Are there any more truffles in the wilderness that my nose hasn’t sniffed out? Lord, I hope so.

Ruth Wallis’s “Boobs” is always a hit, while Yma Sumac is indispensable.

And here’s the kicker. It just so happened that the DJ following my set, the venerable Reverend Andrew, was able to lure a real, live, French pianist into the studio for an interview! How very appropriate. Furthermore, Lise planned to perform for free at a metal workshop (replete with LATHE!) in Kerrytown, using a piano that Metal co-owner Claudette purchased especially for Lise’s phalanges. It was fantastic to hear about the show firsthand–I made sure to be there, as performances in nontraditional venues really blast my caps. The setup on Friday night was beautiful, along with the performance. You won’t hear Lise in the recording below (look for her here, instead), but two hours of other ladies surely will make up for that.

(2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

If you like this episode, you’ll looove the first-ever Woman Show on Break Your Radio.

You can’t stop, can you? Here’s yet another.


2 responses to “August 24: Ladies!

  1. Did you know I loved Inara George? Cuz I do?

  2. As you should! Her vocals literally make me tingle from time to time.

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