October 19

in which I accidentally reveal my belief that New York City is overrated.

My Brightest Diamond AND Björk have new albums. Joy abounds.

Stick with it to get meditative with birdsong.
and a special amphibious guest animal thrown in there for good measure.
You know one thing that I like about the autumn, when the trees defoliate? You get to see all the birds’ nests that were hidden in the leaves.

(1 hour)
Right-click or Command+click to download

On a totally unrelated note, the rest of my morning was a beautiful thing. I had to return some books to the library, and I stopped in the kids’ section to say hi to the fish. I noticed that a crowd of children had congregated in the corner and realized that it was STORY TIME! That librarian hooked me and those chillums with her songs and her hand puppets and her Filipino folk tales. The crying baby crocodile puppet with the snapping wooden mouth scared some of the kids so much that they had to be carried away, crying. Did you ever become overwhelmingly frightened by something that wasn’t real? Do you still?


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