November 9

After a one-week hiatus from Break Your Radio, The Liz returns with the good stuff.

This particular show centers around the recordings of a guy named David Greenberger. I’ll just transcribe a WCBN DJ reviewer’s description of one of the Greenberger CDs here: “In 1979, David Greenberger started writing a zine called ‘Duplex Planet’ in which he interviews residents of the nursing home at which he works, getting strange philosophical musings from them in a way that is very amusing but not at all exploitative. This is one of several CD releases on which he reads monologues based on these interviews, with musical backing.”

True enough, the Greenberger tracks are at times amusing, humorous, devastating, thoughtful, bizarre, relatable, and a bla and the bla and gabla. Which means, don’t take it from me. You really have to hear this guy artfully interpret the touching stories of a bunch of old people.

(1 hour)
Right-click or Command+click to download


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