January 8, 2012: Expletives

oohhh, here is a special show.

in which I present a full 3 hours of music to your ears and revel in the magic of late-night radio, when the FCC doesn’t punish people who want to publicly appreciate art that refers to sex and drugs and naughty words! There. You’ve been warned. This show contains a decent amount of “indecent” content.

Between academic semesters, our student-run community radio station grows even more anarchic during a period called “open signup”. For open signup, DJs grab whatever slots they want until the new semester’s programming schedule is set in stone. I snagged a Sunday morning 3-6am slot and loved every second of it. I hope you do, too. You can listen to it here.

This is some serious (listener-approved!) freeform, as it contains everything from Tom Waits to Lenny Bruce to Queen Latifah to Nine Inch Nails to Hot Hot Heat to Hot Chip to the artist formerly known as Prince (nice ‘stache!!) to Frank Zappa to a handful of local artists.

Don’t you ever wonder how the hell does Stevie Wonder see things?

(3 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download



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