January 18

How do you feel about the Beatles?

Like em? You should listen to this show. The beginning’s all Beatles, in one form or another.

Don’t like em? You probably should listen to this show. Perhaps it’ll serve as evidence indicating that anyone can play Beatles music as good or better than the Beatles…? Offering their renditions are Earth, Wind & Fire, Mrs. Miller, and more.

The string of Beatles covers was an accident–what are the odds of randomly stumbling across numerous cross-genre Beatles covers in our broad musical library? Hum, perhaps pretty damn high…? apparently so, though it’s never happened before.

I ask of you: does the 2-way larry of I Am The Walrus make John Lennon turn in his grave or dance in it?

old-school BATMAN + bowling + Sun Ra + WFMU = jknbmancguarie,!

Not only all of the above, but have you ever heard Bing Crosby SCAT?
You can:

(1 hour)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Allow me to highlight the fantastic promos that lead into this show. Not only are they well-crafted and “hotter than lava”, respectively, but they also give you a taste of how eventful this year is going to be. Throughout 2012, WCBN’s fortieth year of terrestrial broadcasting power, our events crew will serve the community with a multitude of activities. FYI.


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