January 25

Happy Birthday, WCBN! Perhaps I shoulda mentioned that our official 40th birthday was this week: Monday, January 23, 1972. anyway, you get the idea. and anyway, we’re gonna celebrate all the live-long year.

There were a couple significant deaths last week–Etta James and Johnny Otis. R.I.P. They are honored in this show.

In that first Johnny Otis tune, is that a mouthtrumpet?? What if that guy and Yma Sumac and Bobby McFerrin got together? transcendence is the answer.

Sex and hamburgers!

You’re familiar with the potential for alien invasion to divert humans from their self-centered trajectories and unite in a common cause. I’m here to remind you of that. and to play alienny music.

Speaking of non sequiturs, one of my favorite things about Lionel Hampton is that he is expressive both with his hands (those mallets swift and bouncing) and his mouth (he constantly verbally affirms his skills at the vibraphone). Listen for the “yyeeeahh. uugh. heaagh.” throughout. And check out a video of him playing the vibes. Watch him grunt as he bends over that instrument. He’s pretty damn good at what he does. which might mean that he began playing as a small child in order to attain such skill. which elicits an image in the old imagination of a tiny child hopping around a vibraphone, striking it with glee, muttering sounds of appreciation to himself. I want to meet that kid. that little Lionel Hampton. If he’d been born later than 1908, perhaps I could have–he spent his childhood in Wisconsin!

anyhoo, have a hear, huh?

(1 hour)
Right-click or Command+click to download

This one’s listener-approved.

Puhleez do let me know if you can come up with a better function for the dangling lapels pictured on the Brothers Johnson album cover.


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