March 7

A mathematician calculated that this show is remarkable + miraculous = remarkulous.

If you ask me how or why that is, I answer you with music. and a more detailed explanation, if you click on the thingy.

(1 hour)
Right-click or Command+click to download

The show begins with several Leo Kottke tracks playing several at a time (what we call the “2-way Larry”, whose origins can be traced to Saturday’s Robot Pasta show and has been modified from the original phenomenon of two duplicate Lawrence Whelk records spinning on two turntables simultaneously. But you already knew that).

Then comes a lot of classical piano. One piece was composed for the left hand, one piece contains many laden pauses, and one piece is designated alla breve. Are you who is visiting this corner of the interwebs (you, sitting there; did you know I’ve fixed it such that I can see you when you click here?) well-versed in musics? You look like the type. Can you explain how 2/2 and 4/4 time sound any different?

I’ll mention here that Lang Lang and the erhu were participating in a music mosaic, and that Lang Lang is a pianist.

Is this gonna be good? It’s hard to say…
Needless to say, I nonetheless will tell you that this edition of Break Your Radio is good. quite good, indeed.


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