March 28: AAFF

It’s that time of the year again. Happy Ann Arbor Film Festival!

Happy 40th Birthday, WCBN!
Happy 50th Birthday, AAFF!
What joyous times we live in.

Following tradition, The Liz presents to you an entire show’s worth of soundtrack musics to celebrate Ann Arbor’s annual festival of films. This one’s listener-approooved.

In the first march of the Siamese children, don’t the pops of the record make you want to scratch a persistent itch? or run a comb through some severely tangled hair? I promise I didn’t speed up the record to 45rpm. a little curious, I think, that the versions differ so strikingly.

This edition of Break Your Radio includes a track described as “Baroque Philip Glass”. I’m not describing Philip Glass as broke, without money. Nor am I saying that the track resembles a broken Philip Glass, cracked down the middle and not functioning properly. Baroque, like ornate, like the historical period.

Netflix claims that Richard Gere performs his own cornet solos in The Cotton Club, but a glance through the soundtrack information leads me to believe that Netflix cannot be trusted…

Someone’s a little protective of their copyright, so I couldn’t easily find a video of Rosie Perez doing the right thing in the first scene of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. Buuut you can read some choice quotes from Spike, Rosie, and Chuck D about the famous dance scene. Also, I recommend that you check out Rosie Perez shakin it through Untamed Heart.

(1 hour)
Right-click or Command+click to download


WCBN is sponsoring some films at AAFF! Paul Clipson’s Compound Eyes 1-5 (and more). Friday, March 30 (this Friday). B-Side. 11:30pm.

Please note that JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR will be the next featured movie that WCBN sponsors at Arbor Brewing Company. WCBN Free Movie Night. Wednesday, April 11 (second Wednesday of every month). ABC tap room. 9pm.


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