April 4

Shh!  No talking at all during the show!  Me, I mean.  DJ The Liz does not sully the music with her admittedly mellifluous vocalizations.  Which makes this the perfect opportunity to begin adding music playlists to this here blog.

(1 hour)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Al Green = “I’m glad you’re mine”, I’m still in love with you
2. Larynx Zillions Novelty Shop = “Vag The Bond & The Bola Pirates”, South Paws Unite! [flexidisc!]
3. Karsh Kale = “Palmistry”, Tabla Beat Science | Tala Matrix. [adventures in electro-acoustic hypercussion]
4. Lau Nau = “Kuula”, Kuutarha
5. Lettercamp = “You won’t want me”, Raccoon panda
6. The Soul Sisters = “I can’t stand it”
7. Leels = “Floridian towel”, Leels
8. Marnie Stern = “Female guitar players are the new black”, Marnie Stern
9. AM & Shawn Lee = “City boy”, Celestial electric
10. Brant Bjork = “Native tongue”, Tres dias
11. Leadbelly = “Moaning”, Leadbelly Legacy: number one
12. Leadbelly = “Meeting at the building”, Leadbelly Legacy: number one
13. Keb’ Mo’ = “Momma, where’s my daddy”
14. Galactic = “Friends of science”, ya-ka-may
15. Mayer Hawthorne = “No strings”, How do you do
16. Dr. Dog = “How long must I wait?”, Be the void
17. Redrick Sultan = “Three rabbits walk into a bar”, Trolling for answers
18. Lars Hollmer & Fanfare Pourpour = “En Grekisk Faster”, Karusell music
19. Phenomenal Handclap Band = “Form & control”, Form & control


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