April 25

Bruce Haack teaches children about spiders through the universal medium of music.

Aren’t Hungarian stand-up comics hi-larious? Speaking of which, who takes the stage name “Dick Hyman”? He’s kidding, right? Very interestingly, Dick Hyman has gone crazy with Moog synthesizers in the past, FYI.

When I mention a band from Georgia, I do not refer to the united state, but rather the Eastern European country. The band was classified by the Georgian government as a “vocal and instrumental ensemble”, presumably to aid in some bureaucratic process.

Listen up (1 hour):
Right-click or Command+click to download

And remember the moral of the story, ladies: “So, dear sisters, never trust the misters when they start to talk of botany.” The things we can learn from bawdy cockney songs!

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Amanar = “Alghafiat”, Music from Saharan cellphones
2. Bruce Haack = “Spiders”, the Electronic record for children
3. Mice Parade = “My funny friend Scott”, mice parade
– mixed with –
4. Hofi Geza = “Hungarian stand-up comedy”, Odusszeusz
5. Stephen Webber? = “Savage skratch substance”, Turntable technique: The art of the DJ. [Learn to play the turntable like your favorite DJs and create your own style!]
6. Stephen Webber? = “Exercise 58: William Tell Skratchature”, Turntable technique: The art of the DJ
7. 75 = “Orovela”, Rhythm of Joy
8. the Dick Hyman Trio = “42nd Street”, Dick Hyman and his trio
9. Warsaw Village Band = “Matthew”, Polska Rootz: Beats, Dubs, Mixes & Future folk from Poland
10. Nous Non Plus = “Ye-ye-c’est l’ete / Summer song”, Freudian slip
11. Elsa Lanchester = “Fiji Fanny”, Bawdy cockney songs
12. Emily Wells = “Instrumental”, Mama
13. Agali Ag Amounine = “Kalitay”, Takamba


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