April 30: Doomsday Radio

I subbed for Matt E to produce his Doomsday Radio with a The Liz twist. It begins with lots o jazz to honor Matt, jazz fulla drums and whimsy to please my own aural palate.

Here you can hear a new one from Esperanza Spalding, who will appear at the A2 Summer Festival.

“Mad without him, sad without him, how can I be glad without him blues” is another song you can hear here.

And TUURD emerges, odoriferous, with special guests, during Events Information. Was there a tuurd in the punchbowl on Satuurday? Learn all about it here!

John Sinclair ends the show by passing around a joint.

(2.5 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Oscar Pettiford = “Out is in”, Discoveries…on cello and bass with Hank Jones, Charles Mingus, Paul Quinichette, Herbie Mann, Billy Taylor
2. Saheb Sarbib Quartet = “(part of) Living right on Central Park”, Seasons
3. Woody Herman and his swinging herd = “The sound of music”, My kind of Broadway
4. Billy Rowland = “Mad about him, sad without him, how can I be glad without him blues”, Billy Rowland plays boogie woogie
5. George Duning = “Wife meets mistress”, Any Wednesday soundtrack
6. Ergo = “Sorrows of the moon”, If not inertia
7. Oscar Pettiford = “Oscalypso”, The finest of Oscar Pettiford
8. Esperanza Spalding = “Radio song”, Radio music society
9. Brian Turner = “Disco Hiroshima”, WFMU reinterprets the music of SUN RA
10. Negativland = “Cats, in between frequences, etc”, The Willsaphone Stupid Show
11. Negativland = “Comb music”, The Willsaphone Stupid Show II
12. Basketball = “Andika”, Maw
13. Spoek Mathambo = “Father creeper”, Father creeper
14. Kevin Kastning, Sandor Szabo, and Balazs Major = “Triptych III”, Triptych
15. Konrad = “All you thought”, Shadow boxing
16. Cake = “Comanche”, Motorcade of generosity
17. Spike Jones and his City Slickers = “Oh! by jingo”, Riot squad
18. Of Montreal = “Malefic dowery”, Paralytic stalks
19. Solid Home Life = it was impossible to say what the track name was, Solid home life
20. Thao & Mirah = “Folks”, Thao & Mirah
21. Tuurd = “Reese’s feces”, I wish my wife was this dirty
22. Tuurd = “I wish my wife was this dirty”, I wish my wife was this dirty
23. Clear Plastic Masks = “Uncle Chris”, Clear Plastic Masks
24. Pianosaurus = “Love is a two-way street”, Groovy neighborhood
25. The Dinner Ladies = “These knees have seen the world”, These knees have seen the world
26. Phranc = “Female mudwrestling”, Folksinger
27. Robin Flower = “Temperance reel (traditional)”, Green sneakers
28. Jo Pie Whyld = “Flame & felt”, Songs for Noah
29. Nightlife = “Wait”, Nightlife EP
30. Tiger High = “Carry my love”, Myth is this
31. Buck 65 = “Lipstick”, Situation
32. Horacee Arnold = “Tales of the exonerated flea”, Tales of the exonerated flea
33. John Sinclair & Plant D Nonet = “If you’se a viper”, Viper madness


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