May 16

I don’t understand this art of the remix. An artist needs to use the same medium and the same material to devise something fresh while respecting the original creation. That’s not easy to do, and I think few accomplish the reinvention they may be going for. Is reinvention the aim? What else would inspire someone to make a remix? Simple mimicry? What’s the point of that?

I think Dr. Dog succeeds in covering Architecture In Helsinki (heard here).
I think The Gerbils succeed in covering Buddy Holly (heard elsewhere).

In any case, juxtaposing a remix and original leads to nice results, here in the form of Battles. [How do you pronounce “BDG #Gang Gang”, the folks who remixed a Battles tune?]

You’ll get to know Abner Jay during this show; he’s a self-described “folk song stylist” and “the last living minstrel”.

At least segments, if not the entirety, of this particular program are listener-approved. There’s a lot of heavy breathing in this one. Go figure.

(2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

After listening, answer me this, because I’m curious – Do you think the happy classical portion requires a special mood to enjoy?

Note: I misspoke about the show’s time slot – my show would be the shortest in the world if it went from twelve to noon. In fact, I dare you to Break Your Radio every Wednesday from noon to two.

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Bob Dylan = “Like a rolling stone”, Highway 61 revisited
2. Abner Jay = “99 years in jail”, Folk song stylist
3. Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, Yim Yames = “Changing world”, New multitudes
4. Abner Jay = “The reason young people use drugs”, True story of Abner Jay
5. Jean-Marie Leclair = selections from Sonatas for flute and continuo. [flute + harpsichord + viola da gamba]
6. Jean-Marie Leclair = “Sonata in E minor, opus IX (Book IV), No. 2”, Sonatas for flute and continuo
7. Jean-Marie Leclair = “Sonata in B minor, opus II (Book II), No. 11”, Sonatas for flute and continuo. [1674]
– mixed with –
8. Black Dice & Mr. Impossible = “Shithouse drifter”, The electronic mind monsters reader
– mixed with –
9. Jeff Mills = “Good question”, The Power
10. Mozart (played by Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Herbert von Karajan) = “Clarinet concerto in A Major, K. 622”, W.A. Mozart. [I guess clarinet = Bernard Walton]
11. Christian Sinding (sung by Edith Thallaug) = “Schifferlied: Schon hat die Nacht den Silberschein”, Romanser 1
12. Old South Quartette = “When de corn pone’s hot”, The earliest negro vocal quartets: 1894-1928. [released by Document Records]
13. Bruce Haack = “Clapping with Katy”, The electronic record for children
14. The Meters = “Look-ka py py”, This is Charly R&B: 22 blues, R&B and soul classics
15. BDG #Gang Gang (Battles remix) = “Ice cream”, Dross glop
16. Battles = “Ice cream”, Gloss drop
17. Billy Preston = “Everybody likes some kind of music (reprise)”, Everybody likes some kind of music
18. Billy Preston = “Space race”, Everybody likes some kind of music
19. Bell = “Mode 3”, Seven types of Six
20. Yeah NO = “Camper giorno”, Swell Henry
21. Call and Response = “Rollerskate”, Kindercare
22. Cornershop (feat. Rajwant) = “Beacon Radio 303”, The singhles club
23. Tartufi = “Dot dash”, Nests of waves and wire
24. the Cardigans = “Gordon’s gardenparty”, Life
25. Francois & the Atlas Mountains = “Do you want to dance”, e volo love
26. Abner Jay = “St. James infirmiry [sic] blues”, True story of Abner Jay


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