May 30

Doc Watson passed away yesterday. I don’t know his music very well, but I wanted to remember him on the air. This show contains a slew of Doc’s finger-pickin, mostly from the album Memories.

The show begins with techno-jazz and culminates in the moment that a Russian interrupts the music with a discussion of tickles and sickles.

(2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Maybe it’s worth remembering some of the lyrics in “Samuel”, by Laleh: Don’t compare the worst in them with the best in you.

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Kasper Bjorke (with Jacob Bellens) = “Hummingbirds”, Fool
2. Urbana Youth Outreach = “Jentendo (beat mix)”, No war
3. Mati Zundel = “Aero Tinku”, Amazonico gravitante
4. Get The Blessing = “OCDC”, OCDC
5. Gemma Ray = “Bring ring ring yeah”, Island fire
6. Laleh = “Samuel”, Sjung
7. Arstidir = “Shades”, Made In Iceland V: Various artists
8. Pop Project = “You’ve won the lottery”, Stars of stage and screen
9. Beatles = “I want you (she’s so heavy)”, Abbey Road
10. Turing Machine = “Sex ghost”, What is the meaning of what
11. Elliott Smith = “no name #2”, Roman candle
12. Cat Power = “American flag”, Moon pix
13. The Blow = “The moon is there, I am here”, Bonus album
14. Ava Luna = “Stages”, Ice level
15. Mucca Pazza = “Hang ‘em where I can see ‘em”, Safety fifth
16. Jon Porras = “Blue crescent vision”, Black mesa
– mixed with –
17. Alexan Demidov = “Lines on a Soviet passport”, Soviet poetry and humor
– mixed with –
18. Urbana Youth Outreach = “x”, No war
19. Jim Campilongo = “Backburner”, Orange
20. Fthrsn = “Hysteria”, Hysteria
21. Doc Watson = “Don’t tell me your troubles”, Memories
22. Doc Watson = “Blues stay away from me”, Memories
23. Doc Watson = “Nobody knows but me”, Portrait
24. Doc Watson = “In the jailhouse now”, Memories
25. Doc Watson = “Double file & salt creek”, Memories
26. Punch Brothers = “The blind leaving the blind: 4th movement”, Punch
27. Incredible String Band = “Second fiddle”, No ruinous feud
28. TriBeCaStan = “Two for Ornette (Dee Dee/Theme from a symphony)”, New deli
29. Field Music = “Who’ll pay the bills?”, Plumb
30. Konrad = “Sticks and stones”, Shadow boxing
31. Andrew Bird = “Hole in the ocean floor”, Break it yourself
32. The Mexicali Singers = “I can’t stop loving you”, The Mexicali Singers ride again
33. Guantanamo Baywatch = “Massage my Taj Mahal”, Chest crawl


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