For you, for being ever so patient–here’s a show from the archives grab bag.

“Radio Sputnik” (2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

I subbed for the DJ who regularly does this show, which he describes as “music of communism”. Have a taste and listen in…

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Eduard Khil = “Mr. Trololo”, [RIP]
2. Eduard Khil = [what a silly dancer and lip syncher he is! RIP]
3. Eduard Khil = “Ballade about soldier”, [RIP]
4. Andrei Codrescu = “Sibiu, Romania”, No tacos for Saddam
5. Regina Spektor = “The prayer of Francois Villon”, [Record Store Day 2012 EP]
6. Andrei Codrescu = “Everybody suffers”, No tacos for Saddam
7. Regina Spektor = “Old jacket”, [Record Store Day 2012 EP]
8. Andrei Codrescu = “Two possibilities”, No tacos for Saddam
9. Regina Spektor = “Apres moi”, Begin to hope
10. Evgeny Masloboev & Anastasia Masloboeva = “Bird”, Russian folksongs in the key of rhythm
11. Osman Pehlivan = “Arif sag”, Obsession
12. Habkuk = “Mury”, Polska rootz: Beats, dubs, mixes & future folk from Poland. [compiled by ZONIC]
13. Gogol Bordello = “Smarkatch”, Multikontraculti vs. irony
14. Gogol Bordello = “Balkanization of amerikanization”, Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat
15. Gogol Bordello = “Madagascar-Roumania”, East Infection EP
16. U.S.S.R. Russian Chorus conducted by Aleksander Sveshnikov = “The Tartar captives”, The white birch tree & other Russian songs
17. Volga Choir = “Singing in the Choir”, The folk songs of old Russia
18. Muzsikas and Marta Sebestyen = “A song from Madocsa”, Morning star
19. The Karlian Folk Music Ensemble = “Swallow waltz”, The Karlian Folk Music Ensemble. [State University, Karelia, Russia]
20. The Ukrainians = “Europa”, Kultura
21. Goran Bregovic = “Yeremia”, Best of
22. Derdiyoklar Ikilisi = “Yodoy”, Disko folk
23. Sto Zvirat = “Everyone’s got it different”, Double chin
24. Vagtazo Halottkemek = “Confuring up the wonder stag”, Galloping coroners
25. Dos-Mukasan = “Betpak dala”
26. Dos-Mukasan = “Ahau bikem”
27. Beatles = “Back in the USSR”, the white album
28. Tarantella Dei Baraccati = “Tarantella of the squatters”, Avanti Popolo! Revolutionary songs of the Italian working class


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