June 27: All Cappella 4

It’s that time again for another (one more!) show that’s strictly a cappella. This one contains some familiar artists, but also a good many a cappella versions of hip-hop tracks.

Have you ever heard a poet breathe–just breathe? Have you ever heard the breaths of Maya Angelou? A track by Language Removal Services shows up near the end of the show–it’s a 30- or 40-second piece that was created from a recording of the famous poet and author who knows why the caged bird sings. Our friends at WFMU can flesh it out for you.

(2 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Mr. Jimmy John himself (that’s not true–a dude in his car who was delivering Jimmy John’s subs) gave the thumbs-up on this one!

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Baka Forest People = “#6”, Heart of the forest
2. Sara Tavares = “Caminhanti”, Xinti
3. Blair = “In the dark”, Burying the evidence
4. Jana Hunter = “Laughing & crying”, Blank unstaring heirs of doom
5. Ben Lee = “A month today”, Something to remember me by
6. Chugga Chugga = “Who’s the boss”, Nine time
7. Mirah = “Gone are all the days”, (A) Gone are all the days remixes
8. T-Pain featuring Yung Joc = “Buy u a drank (shawty snappin’)”
9. Dru Hill = “Tell me”
10. De La Soul = “The grind date”
11. Joya = “Gettin off on you”
12. KINO Watson = “Bring it on”
13. Glenn Lewis = “Don’t you forget it”
14. Lady Sovereign = (part of) “Love me or hate me”
15. Nell Hampton = “The airplane ride”, The Gospel Ship: Baptist hymns & white spirituals from the southern mountains
16. Carolina Chocolate Drops = “Reynadine”, Genuine Negro Jig
17. Texas Gladden = “Hicks’ Farewell”, The Gospel Ship: Baptist hymns & white spirituals from the southern mountains
18. Leadbelly = “Moaning”, Leadbelly Legacy, number one
19. Björk = “#7”, Medulla
20. Pokrovsky Ensemble = “Trumpet”, Les Noces (“The Wedding”) and Russian village wedding songs
21. Lynda Barry = “I got an accordion”, The Lynda Barry Experience
22. Mike Watt = (part of) “In the engine room”, Contemplating the engine room
23. Ralph Stanley = “O Death”, O brother, where art thou? soundtrack
24. The Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble = “Where have you been?”, The wild field
25. Ladysmith Black Mambazo = “Mangosuthu”, Induku zethu
26. The Bobs = “The ambient one”, I brow club
27. Vocal Sampling = “Congo yambumba”, Una forma mas
28. The Bobs = “Mr. Duality”, Shut up and sing
29. Stetsasonic = “So let the fun begin”
30. Almeda Riddle = “I am a poor wayfaring stranger”, The Gospel Ship: Baptist hyms & white spirituals from the southern mountains
31. Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch = “Didn’t leave nobody but the baby”, O brother, where art thou? soundtrack
32. Language Removal Services = the spaces between Maya Angelou’s words, from the series Voice of the Poet
33. Modern Barbershop Quartet = “Oh, babe, what would you say?”, Modern Barbershop Quartet
34. Petra Haden = #1, Petra Haden sings: The Who sell out
35. Björk = “#6”, Medulla
36. Rustavi Choir = “Tsmindao Chmerto”, georgian voices

Hungry for fewer instruments and more a cappella? G’ahead:
All Cappella 3
All Cappella 2
All Cappella 1


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