A to B episode 8: Harry

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As you may know, I’ve been waylaid by the turtle’s need for engine surgery at John Wayne’s auto clinic in Oklahoma. Meantime, I’ve been staying with magnanimous hosts Drs. Dan and Becky in Dallas. Becky suggested that I go eat some custard, and, by the way, the guy who owns the place has this incredibly nontraditional life story.

Meet Harry Coley. Harry founded Wild About Harry’s at 56 years old. Despite knowing nothing about the restaurant business when he started, Harry has successfully served custard and hot dogs in his shop for 16 years. At 72, he still comes in nearly every day to run the business and greet customers.

I dropped in for some custard and was lucky enough to run into the man himself! Harry was happy to sit down in the shop with me for a minute before running over to Fort Worth for a meeting. We talked about his childhood in Oklahoma and how he went from the Point A of selling women’s clothing to the Point B of bankruptcy, on to the Point C (for custard) of serving award-winning comestibles to Rudy Giuliani, the Aikman and Perot and Boone Pickens families, and thousands of other customers. I can tell you from personal experience that the custard is, indeed, so good.

Until you make it down to Dallas to see for yourself what’s so Wild About Harry’s, here’s a taste–

(g’ahead, click a pic.)

Music in this show:
1. Sara Tavares, “Sumanai”
2. Battles feat. Matias Aguayo, “Ice cream”
3. Raymond Scott, “K2r”


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