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November 25: World music

The station program director and I spent last night reorganizing the world music section. I discovered a buncha artists that looked interesting, and played em on today’s show. So. Lots o world music (minus African, Latin, and French). Give it a listen.

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November 18

but but but, brown underpants, touch me, pulling my face in and out of distortion i blink too much…These are some songs you get to hear.

Odes to winged insects (including Bee my Babee).

I hope Slim Gaillard’s version of Goldy Locks and the Three Bears didn’t offend any Spanish speakers.

Elephant, cows, sheep, dogs…

Pop quiz (trick question): What’s the missing animal?

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November 11

We begin with meditations on the moon and the sun (son?).

We later investigate music by animals, including elephants and sea creatures.

Stick around for a lesson in recycling.

One caller shared a gross story with me and the world.

Pop quiz: To what end would you use a third boob on your back?
…I dedicated the boobies song to the lingerie boutique, since they called to tell me that brassiere sales spiked during the four minutes that Ruth Wallis sang about udders.
That’s only half true.

Break Your Radio!
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November 4: Break Your Radio in Half, old school style

Today’s is a 2-hour show. I had a noon meeting, so Geo took over the third hour.

–Remember the 1990s, when people wore poofy cartoon hats and backward suspenders, and you heard rapping on the radio about “saving your jewels”?

Me neither. I aim to recapture the era with the first hour or so of today’s show, old school rap style. There’s even a slow hit with a guy speaking very earnestly about, I think, a woman who broke his heart.

There’s also a special dedication to Havarti.

um, it appears (to the ears) that there were some issues with the audio this time around. Equipment tends to follow a spotty pattern at the station: at times, sound will come out of your left speaker only; at times, the music will be nearly inaudible; at times, I sound like some sorta robot…

Keep an ear out for special surprise guests who swing by the studio. Listen up!

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