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December 23: Christmas semi-Extravaganza

I didn’t think I’d make it a Christmas show, and so I grabbed the usual motley assortment of musics from the shelves before going on the air…but our Christmas collection drew me in like a fat man to a chimney.

The show begins with a Calypso-Reggae Hanukkah/Christmas/Other theme. Then RuPaul leads us into the blues with her rendition of a Grinch song. Ohemgee you can never have enough Destiny’s Child, especially during the holidays. And Patti Smith puts the creepy in Christmas.


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December 9: Voiceovers

A DJ named Andrew does a show after Break Your Radio: Voiceovers. He invites poets and short story writers to the studio to read their works on the air. He chooses music to accompany their words. I thought that he should read his own work during his show. He thought so, too. Here it is.

We collaborated: I chose music for a couple poems, he chose music for the rest. He manned the mic, obviously, and I womanned the soundboard. I’ve got a new respect for him. It wasn’t easy to manage mic levels, music, words, simultaneously. The show was pretty well choreographed, well planned, totally fun.

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December 9

Taste the Philippines. A brief trip to France. What does Christmas in the Congo sound like? Hear a garage band from Arkansas. Eat some blues. Listen to the show!

I also stuck in there a track from Cavalier Rose. I went to see them perform in town. Magnificent. Their album, I think, doesn’t entirely reflect the power of their performance. Think blues hardcore. During the last song, the vocalist screamed. Yes. screamed. I couldn’t even speak to the drummer after the show. Just made faces and gestures. I think she got the message. They were fantastic.

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December 4: Adventures in subland

On Friday, I subbed for a fellow DJ who is recovering from an operation. Multiple crises occurred in the studio, which I fought to correct.

First, I accidentally stopped a pre-recorded broadcast which was being aired before my slot. oops. I played some other music while I fiddled with playing the last five minutes of the inadvertently truncated episode of Free Speech Radio News.

Then, the pre-recorded broadcast which I was assigned to supervise (“For the Record” with Dave Emory) became extremely scratchy, inscrutable, and unlistenable. I interrupted with a teeny bit of freeform radio, which you can here hear. which you can hear here.

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December 2

Just another crazy station day.

Listen for herpetelogical wonders. And a “drum set”.

Break your radio.

(2 hours)
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