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October 20

Do you like it when Serge Gainsbourg whispers in your ear?
…then listen to this.

(2 hours)
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October 13

(1.5 hours)
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October 6: On the brink of delirium

I was very ill during this show, and didn’t even bother to back announce the songs and artists I played. I kinda like a show that looks like a sonic landscape. I had a rough start involving a recalcitrant cassette player, but we recovered later on, when the random Chinese cassette decided to work.

As usual, the station offered a buncha gems in the most unexpected of places. You can explore old folk vinyl with me if you listen to the show.

You can also hear a couple snippets from an interview with Elvis Presley: “I don’t read…the books…much…” “I like rugged sports.”

(1 hour)
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October 2: Hip-hop

Holy Moses, it’s been a while since I’ve done radio. Experiments, teaching responsibilities, and general grad studentness kept me from it for the past few weeks…

Hootenanny, this one’s a doozy. Four hours straight of spinning the musicz can be found here. I was enjoying it so much that I barely noticed the time going by.

For this show, I subbed for two other DJs: DJ Brian Tomsic, who hosts the reggae show (and whose alleged sub failed to materialize) and Chill Will, who mixes on the turntables for the Prop Shop (a show which has been on the air every week since the 1980s!!). The Prop Shop features a whole lotta hip-hop, and I stayed true to that theme by exploring the hip-hop vinyl and CDs. What. A. Boon. I peppered the hip-hop with some other things, including, but not limited to, klezmer and a cuckoo clock.

You know what rounded off the night? Some friends stopping by to turn the evening into a dance party, and some other friends who stopped by for no reason at all. Also, wine and a 40oz.

(3 hours, 49 minutes)
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