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September 8-9: Radio feels good.

Oh, heaven above, but my fingers, they were itchy for radio! I indulged my passion (and hope to indulge your passions–you, with the headphones) by scratching the musics for three (nonconsecutive) hours (two shows, total).

Exhibit A: Getting back into the flow of freeform was a joyous occasion. I stumbled upon an unidentifiable, perhaps Korean, cassette tape. See if you can forecast the rain in the pool hall. I have a new favorite 10-year-old spunky punk kid from 1985; his name is HUMAN SKAB, and he sings the Dead Baby Blues. Listen in.

(1 hour)
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Exhibit 2: Two hours, that is, of storysongs. You know how many songs are like poems, describing a feeling, approaching an idea or concept from different angles, jumping from thought to thought? I don’t have the brain for such things. It often takes me years to figure out what the hell a song is actually about. How come songs never tell a story, with a beginning, middle, and end, something that’s easy to follow and wraps itself up before the music stops? Well, some DO! The challenge for this show was to fill up two hours with narrative music. Turns out it wasn’t so hard. Some gems in this broadcast are Robin Williams telling the story of Pecos Bill, Robert Redford discussing wolves, Reggie Watts, Aziz Ansari’s experience at an R. Kelly concert, and advice about yellow snow…

(2 hours)
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