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March 30

This is the show in which I play around with a decent amount of sound effects. I’d like to work up to a show in which I play two full hours of sound effects. It would be a lot of work, and the outcome is questionable, but today’s Break Your Radio is a practice run.

Since the show, I’ve done some research regarding the dingfützer. My guess is that it’s a misspelling of Dingfelder, which was an automobile brand that was manufactured in Detroit in the early 1900s. The sound very well could be the purring of a Dingfelder motor.

Wynton Marsalis plays a concertino somewheres in theres, and the show ends with the powerful happiness of big brass bands.

(2 hours)
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March 23

Happy Ann Arbor Film Fest!

In celebration of the 49th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival, I raided our soundtracks bin and played one big crazy cross-film medley.

This one’s listener-approved!
…and listener-despised. I got a complaint that the Mickey Mouse disco song (actually not a soundtrack; oops) became ingrained in someone’s earballs. You’ve been warned.

Also keep an earball out for the E.T. soundtrack…is that the composing genius of John Williams, or is that an irreverent DJ slowing the record and spinning it backward? You decide. I’ll give you two guesses.

Have you EVER heard an everlasting gobstopper machine on the radio? Now you can claim that you have.

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor. A small tribute to her can be found in this show.

…and sorry for the interruption–the Emergency Alert System underwent a routine test.

(2 hours)
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Like what you hear? Try listening to last year’s celebration in soundtracks of the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

March 16: WCBN Fundraiser 2011


Contained herein is puh-lenty of music related to lil chillums. I figured that any human being can’t help but donate when children are involved. It worked a little bit. Thank you–YOU–for your donation. Without you, our humble radio station might not have a leg to stand on.

Animals. They also make appearances, of course.

And helium balloons SUCKED. I mean, we SUCKED em! We sucked em dry. I now believe that all radio DJs must have helium on hand when they approach the microphone.

Oh, and phone conversations on the air must reappear. I’m thinking a karaoke show may be in order. Ideas: they drown us, unless we learn to swim in them!

(2 hours)
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Yep, that’s Jen “Gina Gettums” Johnson, host of It’s Hot In Here, cooing to your child during the show.

March 9

Oh gawrsh, it’s been so long since I’ve updated the page that I can’t remember for the life of me what jewels are contained in this installment of Break Your Radio. unconscionable.

Upon cursory inspection, there’s a piece of a radio show spoken in German; I like the lady talking (to whom?) about how many hurts (“What??” you say? If you still have questions after taking a listen, I will indulge your question); oh wait YEAH–this show was the day before Jonathan Richman graced s’all (us all? can that be a yankee thing, like vosotros in Spain, and obviously y’all in the souf? Take note–I said it first) with his performance in Ferndale, which was the day before the Bacon Pants-Off Dance-Off!

Thus, the second half of the show is devoted to the genius of Jonathan Richman. I opine that a highlight is his poem about eating food. I don’t want to go into too much detail here–in public–but once upon a time, WCBN’s very own Sue Dise interviewed Jonathan at. the. station. Suffice it to say that she put him in his place.

(2 hours)
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March 2

Manipulated sounds.
Gamelan from all sides–the ruckus of playing different albums featuring gamelan on all three turntables and all three CD players. When you talk about gamelan, you’re often talking about the set of multifaceted instruments that are meant to be pounded with mallets. As it happens, each gamelan contains multiple instruments that are built and tuned with relation to one another within that particular gamelan; thus, no one component of a particular gamelan should be mixed and matched with another gamelan. Although WCBN prides itself on its community of knowledgeable DJs who respect the music and musicians that they set on the turntables…no one ever accused the station of adhering to convention. As it is at WCBN, the trend-bucking is also in my nature. Yes; I did it. I mixed and matched gamelen (= plural of gamelan!)–and not just by trading a gambang here, or a kempyang there, mind you–I mixed (I suppose by definition, I most definitely did not match) entire gamelen. hmm. It got crazy up in there.

…things get to sound even more experimental-y toward the end. Is your radio broken?

OH and FUNDRAISER is coming up so soon very soon. It’s almost time to clean out your bank account to show your support of our modest student-run community radio station. Many associated events are coming up, so you can donate and get something in return instantaneously. For example: Bacon Sale/Dance Party/Fundraiser Kickoff at the Elks Lodge on Friday, March 11, at 10pm. Why don’t I just put a little clip about that right here:

(about 1.5 minutes)

OK OK (= the most frequently used word in the world), now listen to the show:

(2 hours)
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