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January 12 (belated)

Somehow, I neglected to post the show from January 12.

During the start of my show, but elsewhere on campus, someone was playing music using ice. I was disappointed about missing the ice drumming; however, (A) I played a bunch of drums to assuage my grief and (B) another WCBN DJ called the station from the ice drumming performance, and I heard the tail end of it–the smashing of the instruments. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Stop looking, and listen!

(2 hours)
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January 26

Lynda Barry tells a story.
I use the brand new 78-rpm needles to share with you dollops of wallops of sound.

(2 hours)
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January 19

Ann Arbor has been getting serious amounts of snow lately. I felt it was necessary to bring a little piece of a warm, tropical climate to the city, so I played two full hours of Hawaiian music (and didn’t even get halfway through the stack of Hawaiian vinyl I pulled from the shelf). Grab your hula skirt and snow boots, close your eyes and look out the window at the palm trees covered in snow, surf outside on the ice.

(2 hours)
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January 6

A new year of Break Your Radio is upon us!
Fittingly? this episode begins and ends with music that deals with the theme of stalkers. creepy. No one likes a creepy stalker. Do you hear me, Stalker?!
Listen with the lights on.
There’s an improvisational sound picture of a person called Little Cool One. There’s a story hour that includes a back-alley opera about a cat and a cockroach, and of course, listen for a percussive set.
I give this show five stars.

(3 hours)
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Yes, don’t ever stop listening to WCBN!