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August 1: LAST SHOW

Feast your earholes on THIS, my last show evorrr at this point in time in this place called 88.3 WCBN-FM Ann Arbor.

The highlight (or lowlight) of this show (depending on whether you represent either the vox populi or the tail ends of the Gaussian curve) is Komar, Melamid and David Soldier’s most unwanted song. These artists aimed to maximize the probability of creating a song with wide appeal (liked by 72% plus or minus 12% of people) based on survey data about peoples’ musical tastes. The resultant masterpiece they called the “most wanted song”. By the same token, Komar/Melamid/David Soldier created the “most unwanted song” by compiling everything that people said they most hated in a piece of music. Listen to the show for more info about these hooligans and their massively un/appealing project.

Herein basks a unique version of “Queen Bee” by Taj Mahal. Strongly suggested–check out this other version.

(Un) Fortunately, I was pressed by listener request to play the most wanted song at the end of the show. It’s bound to leave you with some sort of aftertaste in your ears.

(2 hours)
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Oh, also, there’s lots of great local music showcased here AND bonus features from a Living Writers interview I shared with Keith Taylor, which you can find right here. I mean, here. OK, seriously–at this link, for reals.

Annnd to the legions of fans out there who have been following along: Thank you, and stay tuned. I’ll be posting some sorts of somethings while I’m traveling American highways in my RV. oh, did I mention that? I got a motor home, and I plan to live like a turtle for a little while. Until then, BREAK YOUR RADIO.

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Kay Starr = “All by myself”, Jazz singer
2. Johnny Mathis = “Chances are”, The first 25 years
3. Laurie Anderson = “Dark angel”, Life on a string
4. Beatles = “Nowhere man”, Rubber soul
5. Johnny Mathis = “A cock-eyed optimist”, Rhythms of Broadway
6. Xiu Xiu = “Apple for a brain”, Dear God I hate myself
7. Laurie Anderson = “O Superman (for Massenet)”, Big Science
8. Colin Stetson = “Fear of the unknown and the blazing sun” New history warfare, Vol. 2: Judges. [local!]
9. Daft Punk = “The grid”, Tron soundtrack
10. A.R.P. = “Gas All Clear”, Sprigs of time: 78s from the EMI archive
11. The Ladytron = “Dainty Wayne”, The Ladytron
12. Orpheum Bell = “Poor Laetitia”, The old sisters’ home. [local!]
13. Dave Soldier = “The Nasadiya”, The Kropotkins
14. Taj Mahal with Toumani Diabate = “Queen bee”, Kulanjan
15. Keith Taylor = bonus feature from Living Writers interview
16. Komar & Melamid and David Soldier = “The Most Unwanted Song”, The People’s Choice Music
17. Bill Moyers (narrator) = excerpt from some narrative, The story of percussion in the orchestra
18. Ram Jam = “Black Betty”, Ram Jam
19. Jad Fair & Jason Willett = “Monster vs. monster”, The attack of everything
20. They Might Be Giants = “Particle man”, Flood
21. Mustafa Ozkent = several trax during Events Info, Genclik ile elele
22. Keith Taylor = bonus feature from Living Writers interview
23. Andrews Sisters = “One meatball”, [78-rpm record]
24. Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters = “Don’t fence me in”, [78-rpm record]
25. Bing Crosby = “If you please”, [78-rpm record]
26. Komar & Melamid and David Soldier = “The Most Wanted Song”, The People’s Choice Music

Living Writers with guest host The Liz

Living Writers featured Keith Taylor this week, and I kept T Hetzel’s interviewing chair warm while she’s down in Florida.

On the show, we talk about Keith’s book of poems called Marginalia for a Natural History (containing poems dedicated to many professors teaching courses at the University of Michigan Biological Station), the poetic inspiration of nature up at the Biostation, and ghost stories set in Michigan. Keith is a writer, so he’s a natural raconteur; he’s also passionate about science and nature, which is evident in his enthusiasm.

(1 hour)
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I’ll take credit for the audio quality, which will be better next time; Keith gets the credit for everything you love about the conversation!

Keith chose the musicians played during the breaks, while I chose the songs by those artists (except for “Rite of spring”–Keith specifically requested that track):
1. Neil Young, “Down by the river”
2. Stravinsky, “Rite of spring”
3. Joni Mitchell, “All I want”
4. k.d. lang, “Smoke dreams”
5. Leonard Cohen, “Bird on a wire”