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April 30: Doomsday Radio

I subbed for Matt E to produce his Doomsday Radio with a The Liz twist. It begins with lots o jazz to honor Matt, jazz fulla drums and whimsy to please my own aural palate.

Here you can hear a new one from Esperanza Spalding, who will appear at the A2 Summer Festival.

“Mad without him, sad without him, how can I be glad without him blues” is another song you can hear here.

And TUURD emerges, odoriferous, with special guests, during Events Information. Was there a tuurd in the punchbowl on Satuurday? Learn all about it here!

John Sinclair ends the show by passing around a joint.

(2.5 hours)
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Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Oscar Pettiford = “Out is in”, Discoveries…on cello and bass with Hank Jones, Charles Mingus, Paul Quinichette, Herbie Mann, Billy Taylor
2. Saheb Sarbib Quartet = “(part of) Living right on Central Park”, Seasons
3. Woody Herman and his swinging herd = “The sound of music”, My kind of Broadway
4. Billy Rowland = “Mad about him, sad without him, how can I be glad without him blues”, Billy Rowland plays boogie woogie
5. George Duning = “Wife meets mistress”, Any Wednesday soundtrack
6. Ergo = “Sorrows of the moon”, If not inertia
7. Oscar Pettiford = “Oscalypso”, The finest of Oscar Pettiford
8. Esperanza Spalding = “Radio song”, Radio music society
9. Brian Turner = “Disco Hiroshima”, WFMU reinterprets the music of SUN RA
10. Negativland = “Cats, in between frequences, etc”, The Willsaphone Stupid Show
11. Negativland = “Comb music”, The Willsaphone Stupid Show II
12. Basketball = “Andika”, Maw
13. Spoek Mathambo = “Father creeper”, Father creeper
14. Kevin Kastning, Sandor Szabo, and Balazs Major = “Triptych III”, Triptych
15. Konrad = “All you thought”, Shadow boxing
16. Cake = “Comanche”, Motorcade of generosity
17. Spike Jones and his City Slickers = “Oh! by jingo”, Riot squad
18. Of Montreal = “Malefic dowery”, Paralytic stalks
19. Solid Home Life = it was impossible to say what the track name was, Solid home life
20. Thao & Mirah = “Folks”, Thao & Mirah
21. Tuurd = “Reese’s feces”, I wish my wife was this dirty
22. Tuurd = “I wish my wife was this dirty”, I wish my wife was this dirty
23. Clear Plastic Masks = “Uncle Chris”, Clear Plastic Masks
24. Pianosaurus = “Love is a two-way street”, Groovy neighborhood
25. The Dinner Ladies = “These knees have seen the world”, These knees have seen the world
26. Phranc = “Female mudwrestling”, Folksinger
27. Robin Flower = “Temperance reel (traditional)”, Green sneakers
28. Jo Pie Whyld = “Flame & felt”, Songs for Noah
29. Nightlife = “Wait”, Nightlife EP
30. Tiger High = “Carry my love”, Myth is this
31. Buck 65 = “Lipstick”, Situation
32. Horacee Arnold = “Tales of the exonerated flea”, Tales of the exonerated flea
33. John Sinclair & Plant D Nonet = “If you’se a viper”, Viper madness

April 25

Bruce Haack teaches children about spiders through the universal medium of music.

Aren’t Hungarian stand-up comics hi-larious? Speaking of which, who takes the stage name “Dick Hyman”? He’s kidding, right? Very interestingly, Dick Hyman has gone crazy with Moog synthesizers in the past, FYI.

When I mention a band from Georgia, I do not refer to the united state, but rather the Eastern European country. The band was classified by the Georgian government as a “vocal and instrumental ensemble”, presumably to aid in some bureaucratic process.

Listen up (1 hour):
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And remember the moral of the story, ladies: “So, dear sisters, never trust the misters when they start to talk of botany.” The things we can learn from bawdy cockney songs!

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Amanar = “Alghafiat”, Music from Saharan cellphones
2. Bruce Haack = “Spiders”, the Electronic record for children
3. Mice Parade = “My funny friend Scott”, mice parade
– mixed with –
4. Hofi Geza = “Hungarian stand-up comedy”, Odusszeusz
5. Stephen Webber? = “Savage skratch substance”, Turntable technique: The art of the DJ. [Learn to play the turntable like your favorite DJs and create your own style!]
6. Stephen Webber? = “Exercise 58: William Tell Skratchature”, Turntable technique: The art of the DJ
7. 75 = “Orovela”, Rhythm of Joy
8. the Dick Hyman Trio = “42nd Street”, Dick Hyman and his trio
9. Warsaw Village Band = “Matthew”, Polska Rootz: Beats, Dubs, Mixes & Future folk from Poland
10. Nous Non Plus = “Ye-ye-c’est l’ete / Summer song”, Freudian slip
11. Elsa Lanchester = “Fiji Fanny”, Bawdy cockney songs
12. Emily Wells = “Instrumental”, Mama
13. Agali Ag Amounine = “Kalitay”, Takamba

April 11

The return of the cockatiel training album! Ensure that you position your bird close to the speakers during this show. My aim is to have your pet whistling tunes at any speed you desire (so long as your speed of choice corresponds to 33 1/3, 45, or 78 revolutions per minute).

Do you think that a cockatiel would mimic the subtle sounds of a spinning record, replete with pops and even scratches? ugh, what if you left for work with your cockatiel training album on repeat, and it turned out that there was a scratch in the LP or CD…you’d be the dismal owner of the most annoying cockatiel in the world. Not only would the bird repeat the same whistled tune over and over, but it would repeat the same segment of the same whistled tune over and over and over…

Also contained herein is the secret to perfect dreadlocks. One of the most important functions of radio = a venue for hairdo advice.

(1 hour)
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Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Ted Weems and His Orchestra = “What a day!”, 1928-1930: Sixteen rare jazz performances by one of the best bands of all time
2. Django Reinhardt = “Them there eyes”, L’inoubliable
3. Muzzy Marcellino = “Beautiful dreamer”, The complete cockatiel training album for training cockatiels, parakeets, mynas, and other talking birds to speak and whistle tunes
4. bel Canto = “Continuum”, Birds of passage
5. Gemma Ray (with Sparks) = “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”, Gemma Ray sings Sparks with Sparks
6. Sparks = “Madonna”, Interior design
7. Spoek Mathambo = “Grave”, Father creeper
8. Jay Berliner = “I’m still in love with you”, Bananas are not created equal
9. MC Frontalot ft. ZeaLouS1 and Dr. Awkward = “I’ll form the head”, Solved
10. Muzzy Marcellino = “Race track call”, The complete cockatiel training album for training cockatiels, parakeets, mynas, and other talking birds to speak and whistle tunes
11. Jib Kidder = “Nuthin on my mind”, Dreams inside of dreams
12. Speech Debelle = “X marks the spot”, Freedom of speech
13. bis = “am I loud enough?”, social dancing
14. Melted Cassettes = “Pushing buttons”, The real sounds from hell recordings
15. the Bird and the Bee = “I can’t go for that”, Interpreting the masters, Volume 1: A tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates
16. Clark = “Tooth moves”, Iradelphic
17. Gunesh = “The Oriental Express”, Rishad Shafi presents GUNESH

April 4

Shh!  No talking at all during the show!  Me, I mean.  DJ The Liz does not sully the music with her admittedly mellifluous vocalizations.  Which makes this the perfect opportunity to begin adding music playlists to this here blog.

(1 hour)
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Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. Al Green = “I’m glad you’re mine”, I’m still in love with you
2. Larynx Zillions Novelty Shop = “Vag The Bond & The Bola Pirates”, South Paws Unite! [flexidisc!]
3. Karsh Kale = “Palmistry”, Tabla Beat Science | Tala Matrix. [adventures in electro-acoustic hypercussion]
4. Lau Nau = “Kuula”, Kuutarha
5. Lettercamp = “You won’t want me”, Raccoon panda
6. The Soul Sisters = “I can’t stand it”
7. Leels = “Floridian towel”, Leels
8. Marnie Stern = “Female guitar players are the new black”, Marnie Stern
9. AM & Shawn Lee = “City boy”, Celestial electric
10. Brant Bjork = “Native tongue”, Tres dias
11. Leadbelly = “Moaning”, Leadbelly Legacy: number one
12. Leadbelly = “Meeting at the building”, Leadbelly Legacy: number one
13. Keb’ Mo’ = “Momma, where’s my daddy”
14. Galactic = “Friends of science”, ya-ka-may
15. Mayer Hawthorne = “No strings”, How do you do
16. Dr. Dog = “How long must I wait?”, Be the void
17. Redrick Sultan = “Three rabbits walk into a bar”, Trolling for answers
18. Lars Hollmer & Fanfare Pourpour = “En Grekisk Faster”, Karusell music
19. Phenomenal Handclap Band = “Form & control”, Form & control