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bonus bonus bonus bonus!

Two live in-studio performances by Lise and Jo Pie Whyld can be found below. (or via some easter-egg-hunt-style clicking)

…not to mention an extra-super-smashing-bonus track from Gauche Kids.


Consider these my gifts to you, during this week of magnanimity that we at WCBN call our annual fundraiser. Don’t say I never gave you anything…and I’ll do you the same favor. iiif you do indeed offer a donation to our humble radio station. You, too, can be a hero.

Another bonus–can you handle it?–I’ll give you a free T-shirt or something if you call in during my show on Wednesday, 9-10am. in exchange for a donation.

BONUS: Drink to WCBN!

that in the year of our lord nineteen hundred seventy-two, WCBN-FM Ann Arbor was born? Which makes 2012 WCBN’s 40th birthday! On January 23, to be exact. Our lil radio station has plenty of plans up its sleeve to joyously commemorate our history and our future. So as always, stay tuned.

In a dazzling gesture of support and partnership, the Ugly Mug Cafe created a special coffee blend expressly for WCBN-FM. Instant karma = getting a bag of WCBN 40th Birthday Blend for yourself and a loved one. How amazing it is that merely by drinking delicious coffee, you can help keep an inimitable radio station alive.

I created a little blurb to get the word out. Whatchu think?

And would you believe that on the weekends, the Ypsilanti coffee shop brews the WCBN blend in the cafe and blasts WCBN from its speakers? Yessss.
[Nota Bene: “right now” means every Saturday and Sunday morning…]

Thank you, Ugly Mug.

aaand, whadaya know? Ann Arbor’s Arbor Brewing Company has brewed us up a special smoked English pale ale to celebrate 40 years of freeing your mind. Ask for The Listenership, and drink what happens…


Break Your Radio is on hiatus til the fall.

In the meantime, enjoy the posted shows!

an important nugget of information

If you want to listen to “the radio” without actually having a radio or being in broadcasting range near Ann Arbor, the magical world of the Internets makes LIVE streaming radio waves available to you. When you want to Break Your Radio IN REAL TIME on Sunday nights from 1-3 AM eastern (12-2 AM central time), tune in at

If you value such things as sleep, then stay right here and check out some Break Your Radio by flipping through the links. All previously broadcasted shows will be posted at this site!

But be sure to Break Your Radio live at scheduled eastern standard times so you can call in and make requests. Our studios at WCBN = (734) 763-3500.

We are now online!

Yes!  Streaming audio is a fantastic thing.  Let your mouse scurry to “click here and listen to Break Your Radio” above the meat and shark so that you can listen to music right this instant.  If you feel a dire need to listen to podcasts on your iPod, we can perhaps make it happen; otherwise, lay back and adorn yourself with the music emanating from your computer speakers.

By next week, I’ll have a regular radio spot!  When I find out when it is, I will spread the news far and wide so that you can listen in real time by streaming the show straight from the WCBN web site.

We are now on the air!

Oh, look what we have here…

A way for you to feel like a part of the Ann Arbor community!  By listening to choice podcasts from 88.3 FM, WCBN.  Explore.  Listen.  Enjoy.  Give feedback.  Most importantly, go to the WCBN web site and listen live so that you can call (734) 763-3500 and make requests during my show!  As well as talk to yours truly.  I’m not just a voice on the radio; I’m the one you think fondly of nearly every minute of the day.