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January 27: Maize Mirchi

Today’s show features a live performance by U of M a cappella group Maize Mirchi. You can find out what they’re all about by having a listen.

I was thrilled by how well it turned out, especially seeing as this was my first time engineering a show, and I carried it out all by my lonesome. I was pretty nervous…I had help preparing all the mics and the soundboard, though, from some very skilled sound engineers at the station. Thanks, Tyler, Alex and Bryan!

See if you can identify the toy megaphone I used during the show.

And, of course, some insects make a guest appearance.

What a great day. I’ll miss WCBN in the coming weeks. Be back in a month!

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January 20: Women in Blues hour

Soulful women, that’s all.

The station IDs at the beginning? Those are all Kristin and me. We let loose with a microphone the other night, so that we could have a variety of messages to intersperse throughout a preset remote broadcast.

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January 13: First show of the new season

Kung Fu Kitty and Pope John Paul II are major highlights. Concludes with a musical saw.

By the way: Wednesday nights are the new black. For the next 4 months or so, I’ve got an hour-long slot every Wednesday night. Except February. I’ll be gone in February.

Tune in on Wednesdays, 6-7pm eastern, at WCBN’s live stream.

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January 10: Pan-African Heartbeat and FCC violations

This show begins with a little over an hour of African music, since I subbed for a show called Pan-African Heartbeat.

The music continues with about another hour of whatever I damn well pleased. FCC “violations” on the radio become FCC bonuses between 10pm and 6am, and the final hour of my show happened to occur after 10pm…So it became my goal to play only risque, swear-infested songs. Luckily, James Rocker swung by and made sure things didn’t get out of line.

Put the kids to bed and enjoy the show.

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