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April 28: Shmoos

Wanna know what makes me all sorts of rowdy? You gotsta listen to today’s show for that kind of information.

Starts with a shmoos, ends with soul.

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April 21: Conjoined twins

The musics in today’s show mostly serve as interludes between the three acts of a story about conjoined twin orphans called “The Tragic Events of September” by Evelyn Evelyn.

Except for Gogol Bordello. Those tracks are standalones.

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April 14: Mama Cora

My mom is visiting Michigan for the weekend, and she was able to come to the radio station during my Wednesday night show. I played a Lynda Barry track about the Filipino vampire in my mom’s honor. Sarah B requested some mama songs, so I played a couple in my mom’s honor, as well. Despite the fact that Cora made disapproving faces during much of the hour I DJed, she enjoyed the show.

Some further highlights: We play one of my favorite games, “male or female”, not by sight but by sound.

I play a special track at the request of Havarti Fromage.

Patrick Swayze makes an appearance!

You’ll listen to the show, if you know what’s good for you.

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April 7: All Cappella TWO

The second semi-annual all cappella show!

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The first-ever semi-annual all cappella show can be found here.
All Cappella 3 and 4 can be found here and here, respectively.

April 3: Kids On Strike!

We’ve got a long-running Saturday-morning show at the station called Kids On Strike. I subbed for the regular host this past Saturday. Needless to say, it was a blast. I chose an animal theme, and got a number of calls from people requesting songs about various animals. Even a little chillum called, wanting me to play a song about dogs. So I played two. Enough with the domesticated animals and charismatic megafauna, already! So of course I included songs about insects. Bzzzzzz.

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