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April 27

This is what I like to call “another installment of Break Your Radio”.

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April 20: My Heart Is An Idiot

This episode of “Break Your Radio” contains a secret treasure.

Actually, it’s not very secret at all (though it is shiny and valuable). Contained herein is an interview with David Meiklejohn, the editor-director of the new “romantic documentary” called My Heart Is An Idiot, which features Davy Rothbart.

Love those skipping records, hey? Lets you know there are real people in a real, live radio station. the ice man, the schoolteach-the ice man, the schoolteach-the ice man, the schoolteach-the ice man, the schoolteach-the ice man, the schoolteach-the ice man, the schoolteach-the ice man, the schoolteach-because their lips were all puckered up.

(2 hours)
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Disclaimer: Due to the thrill of a first interview with someone so distinguished as David, my flustered self neglected to mention two things, which you may or may not discover as you listen to the show. (1) Leading in to the interview, I tell you that the most recent track is by Heavy Trash. Not so! My voice invades after a collaboration between Bullfrog and George Clinton, who played after Heavy Trash, who played after John Spencer Blues Explosion. And (b) after the honky-tonk piano concludes, I play a couple tracks by local artists. You’ll hear their three songs before hearing about Toronto’s North By Northeast music festival–the artists are Benoit Pioulard, Laurel & Halolos, and Seth Bernard, and they show up on the soundtrack to My Heart Is An Idiot.

April 13

Hello from the Future.

I would like to tell you the truth: that there’s a backlog of show posts because a hive of government-trained bees flew away with my volition for specialized and highly secret testing. The bees only just returned this afternoon, and I again have control of my own actions.

I cannot tell you such things because the information is confidential and I fear further interference from the government. Thus, I introduce this belated post with the excuse that “I haven’t had time until now.”

Back to business. In this show, look forward to a whole lotta Kodo drumming, much of it simultaneous. There are some seriously jumpy transitions during the show; you will be kept delightfully on your ear-toes. It’s tough to call this one anything but eclectic.

Can we talk about serendipity for a moment? If I were forced (by government-trained bees, for example) to describe WCBN in one word, said word would be serendipity. Two examples are evident in this show. One. I found a record containing readings of short stories by Colette without accompaniment. I took it upon myself to accompany the reading with violin + accordion music. It turns out that the story involves a girl who learns to play the violin. Two. A listener called in to request a particular song about shoes performed by a particular artist. While looking for it, I stumbled across an album by an entirely different musician–on it was a song about shoes.

Get your serendipity on and listen in.

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Note to self: Honky-tonk piano doesn’t really work with a cappella R&B…at least not this time around.

April 6: the Woman Show

Anyone can listen, but only ladies can perform.
J-pop of the female persuasion, musicians who menstruate, vocalists with vaginas…From Ani Difranco to Zap Mama, ladies are all you’re gonna hear, and you’ll love it.

The inspiration for this show came from the slits. The Slits were a British punk-reggae-riot grrrl-ish band that formed in 1976 and had the boobballs to create an album cover like this. at age 14, no less, in the case of frontwoman Ari Up. The Slits open the show.

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This one’s listener-approved.

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