Subbing for freedom

What I like to do after the 4th of July is to celebrate my freedom on the airwaves. Herein I do so, with freeform, while subbing for our usual afternoon DJ Freedom.

(3 hours)
Right-click or Command+click to download

Artist = “Song title”, Album title. [Notes.]
1. THEESatisfaction = “Bitch”, awE naturalE
2. Doctor Striker = “Be a man, go to the gym”, Doctor Striker. [local!]
3. MC Frontalot and Kristen Schaal = “Problems: Ms. Schaal”, Solved
4. Ivo Papasov and his Bulgarian wedding band = “Byala stala”, Orpheus ascending
5. Jherek Bischoff & David Byrne (vox) = “Eyes”, Composed
6. Jherek Bischoff with Caetano Veloso (vox) & Greg Saunier (percussion) = “The secret of the machines”, Composed
7. John Williams = “The conversation”, Close Encounters of the Third Kind soundtrack
8. composed by Alberto Iglesias, performed by Caetano Veloso = “Cucurrucucu” Talk To Her soundtrack
9. John Sinclair & Planet D Nonet = “Everybody loves my baby”, Viper madness
10. Superspies From Outer Space = “Are you lonesome tonight?”, Superspies From Outer Space
11. Louis Jordan = “Knock me a kiss”, Swingers soundtrack
12. Music arranged & conducted by Dick Hyman = “It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing”, Music from the motion picture Sweet and Lowdown
13. (orchestra) = “Say one for me”, Say One For Me: An original soundtrack recording
14. Al Goodman and his Orchestra with Sandra Deel and The Guild Choristers = “I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair”, South Pacific soundtrack
15. Miyoshi Umeki, Conrad Yama, Keye Luke, Juanita Hall, Rose Quong = “A hundred million miracles”, Flower Drum Song soundtrack
17. SWAG (featuring members of: The Mavericks, Wilco and Cheap Trick) = “different girl”, different girls EP
18. Burnside Exploration = “Boogie (instrumental)”, The Record
19. Hawthorne Headhunters = “Ghostfields”, Myriad of now
20. Dick Siegel = “Tic Toc”, Angels aweigh
21. Ramatam = “Strange place”, Ramatam
22. White Stripes = “Prickly thorn, but sweetly worn”, Icky thump
23. Olivia Tremor Control = “Marking time”, Music from the unrealized film script, Dusk At Cubist Castle
24. Ivo Papasov and his Bulgarian wedding band = “Bulchenska ratchenitsa (bride’s ratchenitsa)”, Orpheus ascending
25. Les Voix Bulgares de L’ensemble Radio Sofia = “Dora”, Balkan mysterious voices of Bulgaria
26. Melina Mercouri (?) = “Never on Sunday”, Never on Sunday soundtrack
27. Entre Rios = “ya no me sorprendes”, Onda
28. Ramatam = “Excerpt from guitar concerto #1”, In April came the dawning of the red suns
29. Dr. John = “Ice age”, Locked down
30. Squarepusher = “Unreal square”, Ufabulum
31. Me’Shell Ndegeocello = “Tie one on”, Devil’s halo
32. Jherek Bischoff, with Zac Pennington & Soko (vox) = “Young and lovely”, Composed
33. Of Montreal = “I was never young”, the sunlandic twins
34. Oh No Ono = “Helplessly young”, Eggs
35. Red Krayola = “The letter”, armor and language
36. Gomez = “Revolutionary kind”, Liquid skin
37. Eddie Campbell = “Yesterday when I was young”, The sultans of soul
38. The Supremes = “Queen of the house”, At the Copa revisited: The complete show. [from The Supremes at the Copa: Expanded edition.]
39. Ergo = “Let’s”, If not inertia
40. Henning Schmiedt = “1 Ei”, Klavierraum
41. Janel & Anthony = “Mustang song”, Where is home
42. Pixel = “Call me”, Reminder
43. Rick Estrin and the Nightcats = “Desperation perspiration”, One wrong turn
44. Fortner Anderson = “july9”, Solitary pleasures


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