Living Writers with guest host The Liz

Living Writers featured Keith Taylor this week, and I kept T Hetzel’s interviewing chair warm while she’s down in Florida.

On the show, we talk about Keith’s book of poems called Marginalia for a Natural History (containing poems dedicated to many professors teaching courses at the University of Michigan Biological Station), the poetic inspiration of nature up at the Biostation, and ghost stories set in Michigan. Keith is a writer, so he’s a natural raconteur; he’s also passionate about science and nature, which is evident in his enthusiasm.

(1 hour)
Right-click or Command+click to download

I’ll take credit for the audio quality, which will be better next time; Keith gets the credit for everything you love about the conversation!

Keith chose the musicians played during the breaks, while I chose the songs by those artists (except for “Rite of spring”–Keith specifically requested that track):
1. Neil Young, “Down by the river”
2. Stravinsky, “Rite of spring”
3. Joni Mitchell, “All I want”
4. k.d. lang, “Smoke dreams”
5. Leonard Cohen, “Bird on a wire”

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