A to B episode 5: Kristin and Dennis

For a while there, the turtle and I were prepping for our journey with the ole motor home parked in Wisconsin. Nearby, a town called Princeton hosts a popular outdoor flea market every Saturday during the summer (fromage-o-philes will know this flea market as a place to get the best string cheese in the world).

While exploring downtown Princeton, I poked around in a store called Twister and found a bunch of new varieties from one of my favorite Wisconsin breweries. At the cash register, Kristin and I started talking about how to keep a business afloat in a small town and how she still uses her law degree in the office behind the store. She invited me back for a longer chat, which included her business partner and husband, Dennis. Both of them left the security of their careers to renovate an old, brick building into a store + law office + living space and start their own business in a rural area. Here’s the upshot–

Right-click or Command+click to download

Music in this show:
1. Regina Spektor, “Folding chair”
2. Monster Rally, “Chaska Beach”


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